Welcome to the Home of the Spartans! Oshkosh North Girls Basketball

Oshkosh North Girls Basketball, Inc. program is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation providing an excellent opportunity for girls grades 3rd through 8th to learn the sport of basketball, experience the excitement of competition, foster the joys of school spirit, and build lasting friendships. The program is managed through volunteers including a board of directors made up of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, varsity head coach, and team of representatives from grades 3rd through 8th.

Girls in the youth program help build the foundation for Oshkosh North Spartan girls' basketball at the high school level.


Feb. 23, 2018 - 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
Feb. 24, 2018 - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Mar. 1, 2018 - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Mar. 3, 2018 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Feb 15 - 5:00 pm
Come up to Neenah to cheer us on for our regular season finale against the Rockets! Be sure to come support the JV too as they close their season. Go Spartans! http://oshkoshnorthgirlsbasketball.com/calendars/master/2018-02/oshkosh-north-neenah-2018-02-15/
Feb 15 - 5:21 am
“Proud of the team for their resilient effort to get a big win on the road.” One of the greatest moments of our season! https://prw002.wixsite.com/ongbblog/single-post/2018/02/14/Game-Recap-Spartans-overcome-double-digit-deficit-on-the-road-to-defeat-Kaukauna
Feb 13 - 7:45 pm
Meet #40 Alina Harmon, Freshman Guard for Oshkosh North Girls Basketball! https://prw002.wixsite.com/ongbblog/single-post/2018/02/13/Player-Spotlight-Alina-Harmon
Feb 12 - 2:32 pm
It's Game Day! We're up in Kaukauna tonight to take on the Galloping Ghosts! Come fill the stands with green and let's go get it done! Go Spartans! http://oshkoshnorthgirlsbasketball.com/calendars/master/2018-02/oshkosh-north-kaukauna-2018-02-12/
Feb 12 - 3:19 am
"We need to have a better start to the game to build some early confidence. We will look to bounce back on Monday against Kaukauna." https://prw002.wixsite.com/ongbblog/single-post/2018/02/11/Game-Recap-Spartans-struggle-to-make-shots-in-loss-to-Appleton-North
Feb 9 - 1:45 pm
It's Game Day! We're traveling up to Appleton North tonight to face the defending state champs - come cheer us on and let's go get it! Go Spartans! http://oshkoshnorthgirlsbasketball.com/calendars/master/2018-02/oshkosh-north-appleton-north-2018-02-09/
Feb 9 - 2:38 am
"Give them credit; they shot the ball well. But we are better than the final score indicates.” We certainly are, and will prove it tomorrow! https://prw002.wixsite.com/ongbblog/single-post/2018/02/08/Game-Recap-Spartans-unable-to-find-rhythm-as-Hortonville-wins-convincingly
Feb 7 - 3:21 pm
Meet #14 Ilana Milos, Junior Guard for Oshkosh North Girls Basketball! https://prw002.wixsite.com/ongbblog/single-post/2018/02/07/Player-Spotlight-Ilana-Milos
Feb 6 - 2:27 pm
It's Game Day! Come up to Hortonville tonight to cheer us on as we square off with the Polar Bears! Go Spartans!
Feb 6 - 3:39 am
“What a cool experience to play on the Herd court... hopefully it is a tradition we can keep going.” https://prw002.wixsite.com/ongbblog/single-post/2018/02/05/Game-Recap-Strong-bench-play-not-enough-as-Spartans-lose-to-Kimberly-on-Herd-court