Welcome to the Home of the Spartans! Oshkosh North Girls Basketball

The Oshkosh North basketball program is excited to grow the skills of the players who are interested in playing on the 5th-8th grade traveling teams this year.  This awesome opportunity starts this Saturday, September 11th at Oaklawn Elementary!!!
Saturday mornings will provide your player the opportunity to grow their dribbling, finishing, and shooting skills.  We will do this by providing a lot of repetitions at a game-like intensity in the 90 minute session.  5th-6th grade teams: 9-10:30 am at Oaklawn
7th-8th grade teams: 10:30am - noon at Oaklawn
Thursday nights will provide an opportunity for your player to grow their overall game.  Besides applying the skills from Saturday's camp, they will be exposed to playing team defense and offense.all teams: 6:30-8 pm at Oaklawn
starting on Sept. 16th
For your daughter to maximize the gains, we will be teaching and emphasizing leadership skills. The ability to take feedback, give feedback, communicate, and to work together will truly grow your daughter as a basketball player and more importantly as a person. 
Items needed for the fall workouts/practices: good pair of basketball shoes
water bottle
a notebook
basketball (optional) The program will provide a quality basketball for each player


Oshkosh North Girls Basketball, Inc. program is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation providing an excellent opportunity for girls grades 3rd through 8th to learn the sport of basketball, experience the excitement of competition, foster the joys of school spirit, and build lasting friendships. The program is managed through volunteers including a board of directors made up of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, varsity head coach, and team of representatives from grades 3rd through 8th.

Girls in the youth program help build the foundation for Oshkosh North Spartan girls' basketball at the high school level.