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Don't forget to sign up for Spartan Camp in the summer of 2021!!!!  Click on links below to download forms or you can fill them out at the camp.
Spartan School: Oshkosh North Girls Basketball Camp 2021
Who: Kids in grades 1st-9th
Where- Oshkosh North Fieldhouse
When: 1st-3rd grade: 6/14,6/15,6/16,6/17  3-4 pm
            4th -6th grade: 6/15,6/17,6/22,6/24, 6/29,7/1,7/6,7/8,7/13,7/15 from 2-3 pm
            7th-9th grade: 6/15,6/17,6/22,6/24,6/29,7/1,7/6,7/8,7/13,7/15 from 1-2 pm
Cost: $20 for 1st-3rd grade  
          $40 for 4th-6th grade  
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Oshkosh North Girls Basketball, Inc. program is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation providing an excellent opportunity for girls grades 3rd through 8th to learn the sport of basketball, experience the excitement of competition, foster the joys of school spirit, and build lasting friendships. The program is managed through volunteers including a board of directors made up of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, varsity head coach, and team of representatives from grades 3rd through 8th.

Girls in the youth program help build the foundation for Oshkosh North Spartan girls' basketball at the high school level.