Youth Program Philosophy:
Oshkosh North Girls Basketball, Inc. is designed to provide an excellent opportunity for girls grades 3 through 8 to learn the sport of basketball, experience the excitement of school spirit and build lasting friendships. At the young ages, we are geared toward skills development and introducing the girls to travel team basketball. As girls mature, we focus on improving skills and challenging them with competitive tournament play. Ultimately, it is our goal to prepare them to play competitive basketball at Oshkosh North High School.

Registration Costs:
The club has maintained a low cost for our members through the years and continues to execute plans to keep them low for the future due to volunteering and fundraising. Fees per grade level are as follows:
  • 5th grade: $140.00
  • 6th grade: $150.00
  • 7th grade: $155.00
  • 8th grade: $155.00
Uniform Cost:
Club uniforms are to be worn by all participants of the club in order to project a uniform and professional look. Each family is responsible for the purchase of their daughter’s uniform with the Oshkosh North Girls Basketball, Inc. logo for grades 5 through 8. 

5th through 8th Grades: Uniform top cost includes a reversible jersey $45 and pair of shorts for $20.  A warm up long sleeve is $25 
Prior to the team’s first tournament, each player needs to submit:
  • Registration application
  • Code of Conduct paperwork
  • Registration fee
  • Uniform fee
Parent Expectations:
  • Volunteer for tournaments and other club events and functions
  • Actively promote the club in the community
  • Attend and participate in general club meetings
  • Participate in fundraising
  • Practice sportsmanship
  • Be supportive and positive
  • Be responsible for player(s) - driving to/from practice and tournaments, behavior, etc.
Daughter / Player Expectations:
Have fun and learn the concepts of team basketball
Attend all practices
Attend all tournaments
Act as a good team member at tournaments and practices

Tournaments and Practices:
Though each team is part of the club, each individual coach determines the number of practices and the number of tournaments that his/her team will participate in. Each team is allotted a set amount of money (typically covering at least 6 tournaments each year) from the club for entry fees. If a team chooses to participate in additional tournaments, it is the responsibility of the team to pay for the entry fees. Practices typically range from 1 to 2 per week, depending on available gym time and coaches' schedules.

Parents are welcome to become the coach of his/her daughter’s team for grades 5th and 6th. Independent non-parent coaches usually lead grades 7 and 8. To be considered for a coach or assistant coach position, you must submit a coach’s application form and contact the varsity head coach. The varsity head coach recommends the coaches for all youth teams to the board of directors for approval.

It is the intent of the club to provide a positive experience for each player in the club. The board of directors will solicit recommendations from team coaches and determine the size of each team in the club which could include adding multiple teams for one grade and also team cuts to ensure each team’s size is manageable for each coach to give players a positive basketball experience.

Roster Selection:
Varsity coach’s input from summer camps and previous year's play
Youth team coach's input
Previous year’s performance
Attendance, participation, attitude, and play at practices
Attendance, participation, attitude, and play at games

Playing Up a Grade:
All players are to play on their respective team’s grade level with the exception if the next grade level does not have sufficient players to field a team. The exception shall be approved by the board of directors on a majority vote prior to allowing the player to participate on a non-grade level team.

Playing Time:
Playing time may not be the same for each player. Coaches may use discretion when determining appropriate playing time for each player. While it is recommended at the youngest of age groups that players be allotted as equal playing time as possible, and that all players be allowed to participate in meaningful minutes in each game, this is not always possible depending on the numbers on each team. As players get older, they will need to earn meaningful minutes of play in each game provided the player has attended practices, demonstrated skills, projected a positive attitude and teamwork and has given full effort as determined by the coach. Making the players earn their position on the team provides them with a very useful life lesson, one that is best learned as a child than for the first time as an adult.

A Special Note To Parents:
We are not in position to tell you how to parent your children, but would like to provide you with the following advice: Please avoid being a “helicopter parent.” Helicopter parents hover close by, ready to swoop in and save their daughter anytime something disappointing happens in their lives. Help teach your daughter to rebound from disappointment and navigate its trials and tribulations on her own! You will be helping your daughter more by allowing her to work through these disappointments much more than resolving them for her.
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